Less Zinc Loss

By using the Spin-A-Batch, you can save on zinc because of easier recovery and immediate reuse of the zinc.

More Uniform Coatings

All parts, including bolts and threaded rods and other unusual shapes, are more uniformly coated, and, as a consequence, no thread cleaning is necessary. You can gain new customers and a greater variety of work with such an effective system.


This remarkable system offers flexibility heretofore unknown in the galvanizing industry because of its reversible spinning in a basket driven by an efficient piston-type air motor, and variable speed control in either direction.

Larger Loads

Up to 500 pounds of screws or washers, 200 to 800 pounds of miscellaneous sized bolts, or 500 to 2000 pounds of structurals or castings can be spun at one time. Also, from 600 to 3000 pounds of plain or threaded rods, up to 12 feet long, can be spun at one time.

One-person Operation

Spin-A-Batch requires just one person to operate, yet it will handle loads of up to two tons. One person controls the spinning and hoist movement and consequently you save on labor expenses. Even though one worker controls the Spin-A-Batch, production rates are typically increased from 2 to 5 times the production rate of ordinary centrifuges.

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