Drawings of all baskets developed since 1970.

Schematic brochure showing four of the most common practices of the Spin-A-Batch method of galvanizing.

Instruction manual on installation, lubrication, disassembly and complete parts list on the Series 4000 centrifuge.

The Series 4000 Spin-A-Batch comes with a six-month warranty.

Re-order Parts List

To practice the spin-galvanizing method, we recommend the following parts. Contact us for pricing.

SAB 4-1: Pendent throttle

SAB 4-2: Swivel

SAB 4-3: Motor cover plate

SAB 4-4: SAB air motor

SAB 4-5: Motor housing

SAB 4-6: Motor and hub spline shaft

SAB 4-7: Lower and upper seals

SAB 4-8: Bearings (3)

SAB 4-9: Hub sleeve

SAB 4-10: Hub housing

SAB 4-11: Hook pin

SAB 4-12: Hook

SAB 4-13: Dolly assembly

Shuttle Valve

Complete Hub Assembly