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In a world of galvanizing, it's in a class all by itself.
Revolutionizing Spin Galvanizing, Simplifying Production

Nails, Bolts, & Screws

Spin-A-Batch is a system that utilizes a suspended, pneumatically operated spinner that traverses the entire length of the kettle and quenching area on a monorail.

The operating principle is so simple that it is easily installed in a preexisting galvanizing facility or engineered seamlessly into a new one.

The American Spin-A-Batch and its proven functionality has been installed in galvanization facilities across the globe. Since 1979, our well-established device has proven its methodology in the field and is now recognized as the most revolutionary breakthrough in the industry. Spin-A-Batch has the single most important impact in the galvanization industry, separating it into a class all by itself.

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