Our Advantage
Revolutionizing Spin Galvanizing, Simplifying Production

Our Advantage

The American Spin-A-Batch is the only galvanizing method in the industry utilizing a revolutionary suspended centrifuge in an unconventional yet groundbreaking method that simultaneously increases productivity and lowers production costs. The Spin-A-Batch advantage revolutionizes the galvanization process across the board putting it in a class all by itself.

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What Sets Us Apart

  • Positive braking in either direction
  • Reversible spinning
  • Piston-type air motor
  • Variable speed control in either direction
  • Typical Basket Loads
    • 100 to 500 pounds for woodscrews or washers
    • 200 to 800 pounds for miscellaneous size bolts
    • 500 to 2,000 pounds for structurals or castings
    • 600 to 3,000 pounds for threaded or plain rods to 12 feet long
  • Air consumption: 4.5 cubic feet per second @ 100 PSIC inlet for an estimated 8-second period
  • Maximum torque: 156 ft. lbs.
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